Male. 21.
Nuclear power and technology.
Music: Eclectic.
Japanese culture.
General stuff I find cool.

Some favorite things include the Fallout series, Adventure time, Welcome to the NHK!, Cromartie High School, calisthenics.

Currently in training for Awesome.




comic about how I’ve been feeling recently

i’ve felt like this for the last few months and… it flat out sucks :s

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Keep giving me hope for a better day
Keep giving me love to find a way
Through this heaviness I feel

I just need someone to say ‘Everything’s okay’





If you’re blue and you dont know where to go to why dont you go to Wallmart
(im an idiot)

this is the most important video on the tumblr

My favorite part is the lady in the background NOT NOTICING ANYTHING

that lady is my mother and 1000% used to my bullshit.

What a cutie! I wish I had some fun friends like this!


From 1906 to the 1930s, photographer Edward S. Curtis documented the culture and traditions of North American Indian tribes in his multi-volume work The North American Indian.


Yolanda - Sea of Light in Summer

Fresh from the oven~! Links to the onepiece, skirt, accessories - click me!

Be back in a few weeks, Tumblr. You be good now. Cheers.